Personal Income Tax Preparation

Complete preparation of yearly income tax filing, making sure all information is checked and presented to ensure the best returns or least amounts due for clients.


Handles all aspects of tracking income and expenses of a business, and prepares the necessary reports and documents needed to monitor the health of the business.

Business Compilation Reports

Prepares standard financial reports such as balance sheets, statements of cash flow, statement of retained earnings and income statements.

Tax Planning

Assists clients by helping them plan for dealing with quarterly or annual tax burden.

Loan Applications

Assists clients with their applications for bank loans.

Business Reviews

Conducts a professional review to determine the financial health of a client’s business.

Payroll Tax Consulting

Provides business clients with all aspects of payroll taxes and compliance.

Overall Business Consulting

Provides an external opinion of the business as a whole from the perspective of both a business owner and an accountant. Many clients have found that implementing even the smallest changes to procedures or policies suggested by Hallquest have produced favorable financial gains or savings.